13 Black-Owned Hair Care Products That'll Upgrade Your Routine

Twisting creams, life-saving braiding tools and a moisturizing shampoo that smells oh-so good.
TGIN twist and define cream, Felicia Leatherwood brush, Adwoa Baomint moisturizing shampoo and PuffCuff.

With so many amazing hair care products out there, finding which ones will actually work for your particular hair is a never-ending challenge. Sometimes, even when you think you found your holy grail, it magically stops working with your hair, and works against it instead. Not to mention, the changes in weather also affect hair and how it responds to certain products, so it’s always a good idea to test out a couple throughout the year to find which one works best for you.

As for me, I’ve been natural for over a decade now and I’m still trying to figure out how to properly care for my hair. I’ve relied on the advice of friends who have similar textures, watched a million Youtube videos foolishly thinking I could easily recreate the styles after watching one time and even had my hair stylist talk me through maintenance tips. Though these methods are often tiresome ― many times I just threw on my bonnet and called it a night ― I came to one comforting realization: Black hair care, especially, is a lot of trial and error.

Because of this, I reached out to you, the readers, to ask what favorite Black-owned shampoos, conditioners, accessories and tools make your hair routine easier, all of which you can find below. After all, no one knows how well something works more than the people who actually use it.

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Mielle hydrating conditioner
This protein-free conditioner from Mielle leaves your hair soft and hydrated after shampooing. Made for all hair types, it includes ingredients like almond oil, sacha inchi oil and sub-Saharan African mongongo oil.

"The hydrating conditioner is a perfect pair for the shampoo, especially if you have low porosity hair like me, since it’s protein free. I’ve never used a conditioner with as much slip as this one. You don’t need much product because it simply glides through your hair. This conditioner leaves my hair feeling more moisturized than any other one I’ve tried." — Kailyn Sanders
Adwoa Beauty Baomint moisturizing shampoo
This sebum-depositing shampoo mimics natural and organic oils your scalp needs without stripping hair of the oils your body produces on its own. Ingredients include baobab oiI, aloe leaf juice and peppermint oils. It works on straight, wavy, curly and coily hair.

"I am a fan of the Baomint Moisturizing Shampoo. It doesn't strip my curls of moisture and I can tell my hair is clean." — Veleisa Burrell
The PuffCuff
Designed specifically for thick, curly or textured hair, the PuffCuff keeps your hair secure and in place without tugging or pulling at the strands.

"I like the Puff Cuff because it comes in various sizes to accommodate different styles, textures, and density of hair. I can do small afro puffs on my niece, or I can do a large pineapple puff on top of my own head out of the same multipack. I also love that the teeth are not sharp and I don’t have to worry about putting too much tension on my hair or my hair snagging on the clamp." — Vania Smith
The Doux Mousse Def texture foam
Define your curls or successfully achieve a sleek bun or ponytail with The Doux's Mousse Def texture foam, which contains blue agave and green tea. It gives definition, healthy shine and volume.

"The Mousse Def Texture Foam is the holy grail of styling products." — Lizz Walker
Pattern curl gel
From Tracee Ellis Ross' hair care line Pattern Beauty comes this creamy curl gel packed with aloe vera, coconut oil and rosemary leaf extract to define and hydrate your curls. It's suitable for wavy, curly and coily hair.

"So many curl gels I’ve tried that people rave about just don’t work for my hair because it makes it way too crunchy. I like how this curl gel is light enough for bouncy hair when I do my wash-n-go but still has enough hold for a ponytail or braid out. For me, that’s a hard task. I also live in a place where it’s really cold for some time (Chicago) so it can make your hair even more dry. But this won’t dry my hair out and make it flaky." — Arionne Nettles
Bread Beauty Supply hair mask creamy deep conditioner
On days when your hair just needs a little extra TLC, this hair mask from Bread Beauty Supply is what you should reach for. It's filled with moisturizing superfruits like Australian kakadu plum and starflower oil to add shine and smoothness. It's ideal for medium/thick wavy, curly and coily hair.

"I fell in love with Bread last summer and have been hooked since. I use it on my hair once a week and it instantly feels more moisturized. A little bit truly goes a long way and it smells so good! I use it on my natural hair and weave and have the same result." — Mikayla Vielot
Mielle Moisture Rx Hawaiian Ginger moisturizing leave-in conditioner
If you're looking for one product that restores shine, eliminates frizz and add moisture, Mielle's leave-in conditioner from the Moisture Rx Hawaiian Ginger collection is the one. It's filled with natural ingredients like avocado, almond and ginger oil.

"It’s super hydrating and it smells so good." — Tia Morris
TGIN twist and define cream
Dry hair-havers, our time has come. This twist and define cream from TGIN has vitamin E oil and penetrating coconut oil to really get in to those dry strands, all while adding definition. Whether you're planing for a twist out, braid out or a wash-n-go, this versatile cream is a must-have.

"The TGIN twist and define cream creates an amazing hold for my twists and it allows me to wear them in for about 4-5 days and then I’m able to rock my twist out for multiple days following that so it minimizes my hair maintenance throughout the week." — Jasmine Jackson
The Ab Glitz Braid Aid
If braiding your own hair seems like an impossible task because you can never get your parts right or you don't have 8-plus hours to spare, this braiding tool from Ab Glitz aims to make the process easier. Simply attach it on one of your fingers before you start braiding and begin your journey to cleaner, precise parts. It comes with an adjustable Velcro strap to fit your finger. The tool is so helpful that one reader only had three simple, succinct things to say about it:

"1. Black-owned

2. Ease of use
3. Time saver." Jenifer Daniels
Camille Rose Almond Jai twisting butter
This styling butter from Camille Rose is a favorite among several of my HuffPost colleagues — and myself. It's super soft and has a nutty aroma that you'll want to smell all day. Almond extract, aloe vera and honey work together to condition, retain moisture and leave hair smoother.

"When wash day came around I knew Camille Rose had my back. It was my go-to product that kept my coils flourishing. When my fingers would tire, it would whisper sweet nothings to me filled with promise of bounce and shine. And, unlike the men I entertain, it was a reliable source of support." — Corey Townsend, HuffPost audience editor

"My hair doesn't do well with heavy creams and oils, so I'm always very particular about what I put in it. But this product is so light and smells good, compliments my curls and, best of all, it is deeply moisturizing without making it feel oily and lifeless." — Candice Frederick, HuffPost senior culture reporter
Hollywood Hair Bar extra strength hair regrowth serum
Created for those who suffer from major hair loss, this hair regrowth serum from Hollywood Hair Bar is made from natural essential oils, herbs and fruit oils like coconut oil, tea tree oil and castor oil.

"I live for the growth serum. I don't know what’s in that stuff but it works and you see a difference quickly! It really helped my hair in places that saw breakage grow back. It’s still a process and I’m completely out of the product now but I will be repurchasing soon." — Veronica Ogbe
Melanin Haircare twist elongating style cream
Made without silicones, parabens, mineral oil or sulfates, Melanin Haircare's vegan twist elongating cream does exactly what the name suggests. It's lightweight and buildable for your preference, and works to nourish, detangle and reduce knots.

"Melanin Haircare’s twist elongating cream isn’t too liquidy or too thick. It’s the perfect consistency for allowing the user to set a hairstyle. The natural botanicals help strengthen my strands and my hair loves me more for it!" — Kayla Herrod
Felicia Leatherwood detangler brush
Readers cited this detangling brush from Felicia Leatherwood multiple times. It has widely spaced bristles that glide through hair easily without tugging or breaking off your hair, and a wide handle for a better grip. It works for all hair types, from straight to coily.

"I’ve been using the Felicia Leatherwood brush for a few years now. It’s my go-to detangling tool and the only thing I use aside from my carbon bone comb. I use this after I wash my hair and use my side to carbon bone comb to get the big tangles. This brush glides through my hair with ease than any other tool I’ve tied and I’ve tried plenty." — Lauren Ashleigh

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