People Went All Out For The 'Black Panther' Premiere And It Was Glorious

Moviegoers around the country wore a ton of Wakanda-worthy looks.

To say the opening of “Black Panther” was an event is an understatement.

On Thursday night, photos and videos flooded social media that echoed the nationwide hype for a superhero movie that premieres in the middle of Black History Month and that boasts a black director (Ryan Coogler) and an almost entirely black cast.

The excitement swirling around this film — which is projected to gross $165 million or more over the four-day holiday weekend — is truly epic.

Some teachers even brought their entire class to see the film.

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Arclight, a movie theater in Hollywood, California, properly predicted people’s anticipation and played nothing but the film all night.

But the one aspect that made the premiere of “Black Panther” such a special cultural moment was the sheer number of people who showed up at theaters wearing costumes from the film or donning dashikis, African-inspired prints or costumes from other classic films like “Coming to America.”

Check out all the Wakanda-worthy looks below.

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