Black Panthers vs Fox News Reporter At Polling Place In Philadelphia (VIDEO)

Black Panthers vs Fox News Reporter At Polling Place In Philadelphia (VIDEO)

Fox News' Rick Leventhal reported live from the polling place where Black Panthers were allegedly intimidating voters Tuesday afternoon.

A University of Pennsylvania student reported that a Black Panther wielding a "night stick" intimidated voters at a polling place in Philadelphia (video below). The Black Panther allegedly claimed he was "tired of white supremacy." An Obama volunteer on the scene disputed this account, saying there was no intimidation of voters occurring at the polling place.

When Leventhal went to investigate, he got into a confrontation with a Black Panther — a certified poll watcher — who denied the story and told Leventhal in no uncertain terms that he was not welcome at the polling place. Leventhal disputed his claims, citing election law which allows him to be within 10 feet of the entrance.

Leventhal could not confirm that the Black Panthers were on the scene intimidating voters, saying, "There's been no disturbances that I'm aware of, except what we've encountered here. But again, I want to make very clear, we don't know that any voters were denied entrance to this polling facility. We don't know that anyone was intimidated to the point that they decided not to vote here, but that was what some people were concerned might be happening with two Black Panthers, one of them holding a nightstick, out front."


Watch the original student video below:

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