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5 Tumblrs Every Black Sci-Fi And Comic Lover Should Know About


It's that time of year again. The leaves are changing, fall TV is in full effect and Comic Con is back in New York. If there's a soft spot in your heart for all things sci-fi, fantasy and anime, you're probably familiar with the magic of Comic Con. It's that special time of year, where for three glorious days, people dress of up as their favorite characters and storm the Jacob Javitts Center demanding pictures with other dressed up people. There are also screenings and panels.

If you're missing it this weekend, don't shake your limited edition Darth Maul double-headed lightsaber at the sky. Keep it in the packaging, that thing could be worth something in a few years!

We've rounded up 5 Tumblrs that may help quench your nerdy thirst, during these trying times. From a celebration of black superheroes, to one of the most complete and entertaining collections of black cosplayers ever, we've found just the thing that will help hold you over until next Comic Con.

Fear not, Black Nerd! Black Voices has your back.

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