Improv Everywhere's Black Tie Beach Party Makes Us All Jealous

Coney Island is known for its wacky spectacles, and once again the prank collective Improv Everywhere has made the list with a super fancy stunt.

Earlier this month, hundreds of participants gathered at the infamous New York City beach dressed to the nines in vintage gowns and weathered tuxedos to take part in the comedy crew's fifth annual Black Tie Beach party.

In typical fashion, the event started out slowly, then grew into a massive fully-clothed wet 'n wild party in the water to the shock of unsuspecting beach-goers.

"At the end of the day we all get together for one big group run-in," wrote IE founder Charlie Todd on the group's website. "Shortly after the run-in this year, a lifeguard came charging in. At first I was worried that someone was drowning, but nope, he just wanted to start a splash fight with us."

Similar improv parties took place on Aug. 17 in cities around the world, including Boston and Jacksonville.

Watch the video above and fill with jealousy.



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