8 Netflix Titles With Black Stars You Should Be Watching This April

Time to binge!

This month is the perfect time to revisit some cult classics (“Bad Boys,” anyone?), catch some fresh flesh flicks (“Come Sunday”) and relish in some rare gems (like a Jay-Z interview) on Netflix.

Here are eight titles featuring black stars that you won’t want to miss.

  • "Come Sunday"
    This film, based on a true story, follows pastor Carlton Pearson, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, who faces a huge risk when he begins questioning the church and the idea of "hell," causing those in his congregation to distance themselves from him.

    Streaming April 13
  • "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman: Jay-Z"
    It isn't often that Hov sits down for an interview, but the hip-hop mogul gets candid in the latest installment of David Letterman's talk show.

    Now streaming
  • "Amateur"
    Terron Forte, played by Michael Rainey Jr., is a 14-year-old rising basketball star who goes from navigating the underground world of amateur athletics to being recruited to an elite NCAA school. 

    Now streaming
  • "3%"
    This film is set in a dystopian future Brazil, a world "divided between progress and devastation." Those lucky enough to have survived live in a zone with limited resources necessary for survival, but they're given a chance to be among the 3 percent who make it to the "better side."

    April 27
  • "Fary Is the New Black"
    French comedy star Fary performs this entire stand-up en français, but you'll be laughing even if you aren't a Francophone as he jokes about dating, stereotypes and more.

    Now streaming
  • "Queen of the Damned"
    This 2002 horror flick features Aaliyah as Akasha, the vampire queen who is awakened by powerful music. Rest in power, Baby Girl.

    Streaming now
  • "Bad Boys"
    This 1995 classic cop film is full of action and humor galore. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence make a hell of a duo as they track down $100 million worth of drugs in five days in an effort to save the department's narcotics division.

    Now streaming
  • "Lost in Space: Season 1"
    This re-imagined reboot of the classic show features Taylor Russell as Judy, a fearless, strong, fierce young woman who is the brains and brawn of her family.  

    Streaming April 13
  • "Seven Pounds"
    In this 2008 tear-jerker, starring Will Smith, Ben Thomas seeks to change the lives of seven strangers and falls in love along the way.

    Streaming April 15
  • "Candy Jar"
    Starring Uzo Aduba, "Candy Jar" shows high school archrivals Bennett and Lona. While preparing for the debate championsh
    Starring Uzo Aduba, "Candy Jar" shows high school archrivals Bennett and Lona. While preparing for the debate championship, they're waitlisted at their dream colleges.

    Streaming April 27


#1. Collateral
Season 1 Release: March 9, 2018

 Crime thriller in contemporary London. 

It's a compelling watch that stays fun with a constant sense of humor. At just a few episodes, “Collateral” resembles one long movie. 

Con: At times it certainly feels like yet another crime thriller.
#2. Requiem
Season 1 Release: March 23, 2018

 Spooky things happen to woman. 

 There are solidly presented mysteries in the show that make the episodes easy to binge. It's truly scary. 

Con: The show is definitely too ridiculous and over-the-top at times.
#3. Love
Season 3 Release: March 9, 2018

 Couple sometimes loves each other. 

 The show depicts relationships in a generally more realistic, mundane way that's strangely compelling.

Con: Because not much happens plot-wise, the show occasionally forces characters to act irrationally, which is frustrating to watch.
#4. A Series of Unfortunate Events
Season 2 Release: March 30, 2018

 Family experiences myriad terrible things. 

 Creative storytelling and many legitimately funny moments despite being geared to a younger audience. The costuming alone makes it worth checking out.

Con: Super quirk doesn't seem to be the zeitgeist now after years of being a thing. This show can be exhausting.
#5. Marvel's Jessica Jones
Season 2 Release: March 8, 2018

 Former superhero still fights crime.

 Krysten Ritter is very good as the protagonist in this. The superhero aspects are actually pretty subdued, which is welcome in the current superhero glut.

Con: The plot moves a bit too slow for a show that is still presenting itself as an action-driven project.
#6. Seven Seconds
Season 1 Release: Feb. 23, 2018

 A trial about police racism. 

This is a very solid crime thriller. It's a standout in a popular genre.

Con: The show isn't very innovative. It also drags on a bit.
#7. On My Block
Season 1 Release: March 16, 2018

 Friends try surviving high school. 

 The characters are unique for the teen comedy genre. It's often funny.

Con: There isn't much reason to watch this if you're outside the high school demographic.
#8. Troy: Fall of a City
Season 1 Release: April 6, 2018

 Love story within Troy's walls.

 The costuming and period sets are usually pretty good here.

Con: It's a fairly silly show. The writers chose to veer far from the source material to focus on romance. Those looking for thrilling battle sequences will be disappointed.
Here's the trailer:

Netflix has certainly presented this as a show that will have broad appeal like "Game of Thrones," with a mix of love and war.

But the production comes across as cheap and the writing is lacking. If you can't get enough sword-fighting material, check this out. Otherwise, it's not your best bet.