Black Voices Breakthrough Theater: 'Daughter Of Fortune' (VIDEO, POLL)

Black Voices Breakthrough Theater, part of our Screening Room experience, is a ten part series where our panel of curators present new, short films and web series created by emerging talent --both on screen and behind the camera.

In the late summer of 1955, Hollywood star Cynthia Beckley has everything. Beckley’s career is on the rise, as she is engaged to Los Angeles’ most powerful studio executive, Daniel Rothenberg. But on the night of her engagement party, Cynthia discovers that her sister has passed away. This tragic news is amplified by the fact that no one knows that Cynthia has a sister.

DAWN KAMOCHE was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. In 2007, she graduated cum laude from Cornell University where she received a full scholarship to dual major in Film Studies and Africana Studies. Since 2009, Dawn has been in enrolled in the MFA Film Production at University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. She is currently writing and directing various films about family, love, and life from her unique perspective.

Check out “Daughter of Fortune” (above) and be sure to vote for your favorite Black Voices' Break Through theater film in the poll (below).



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