19 Black Wellness Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

For advice on mental health, fitness, self-care and more, pay attention to these Black wellness leaders.

The wellness industry notoriously caters to and uplifts white individuals when there are tons of Black wellness leaders who are channeling their energy into helping people live better lives.

From tough workouts to therapeutic truths to dismantling diet culture, these Instagrammers will show you exactly how to improve your mental and physical well-being. Take the time to read, amplify and support their work. It’s one small act anyone can do along with protesting, donating, reaching out to politicians, learning more about racial injustice and discussing racism with your family and friends.

Here are just a few (of many!) people you should check out right now:

Rodrick Covington

Covington is a Broadway actor and the founder of Core Rhythm Fitness, a fitness and nutrition company that emphasizes sustainable lifestyle changes. Come for the tough workouts, stay for Covington’s spiritual lessons and thoughts on gratitude, which promote positivity during your wellness journey ― and in your own life.

Jessamyn Stanley

Stanley is a body-positive activist and the founder of Underbelly Yoga. She shows followers how to perfect their practice at any level, and encourages everyone to reject the outdated, backward stereotypes of the fitness industry. If you’ve ever thought about trying yoga but didn’t know if it was for you, Stanley will show you how it’s done.

Tunde Oyeneyin

Oyeneyin is a fierce Peloton cycling instructor and fitness model who empowers members to challenge themselves on the bike to reach their potential. Outside of classes, Oyeneyin shares other fitness tips, beauty recs (she’s a makeup artist, too!), great pep talks and more.

Tabitha Brown

Brown is an actress and vegan influencer known for her cooking posts on her social media platforms, which are often served with unrivaled honesty and hilarity. She’s collaborated with brands like BuzzFeed’s Tasty and Whole Foods, and her approach makes vegan cooking more accessible. She also gives incredible encouragement and advice on self-care.

Latoya Shauntay Snell

Snell is a body-positive athlete who has a passion for running and biking. Her posts encourage a healthy mental approach to fitness, often reminding her followers that no goal is too small to set. (Not to mention her workout gear is totally enviable. Hello, look at this incredible pink sports bra.)

Alex Toussaint

Toussaint is a senior Peloton instructor who attracts a large, loyal following for a reason. His tough-love approach resonates with NFL stars, pro golfers and Peloton members alike who all hope to reach their fitness goals, especially during quarantine. If you’re looking for some major motivation and an athlete-level workout, look no further than Toussaint.

Nedra Tawwab

Tawwab is a therapist and content creator in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her thought-provoking posts compel you to dive deep into self-reflection in a way that destigmatizes therapy and makes you hungry for more insights you can gain from the therapeutic process. She makes it clear that her work isn’t a replacement for therapy, but it does encourage thousands of followers to look within in a way that hopefully makes them more open to it.

Ally Love

Anyone who recommends a Peloton class to you will likely mention Love in the same breath. The cycling instructor is also a TV host and the founder of Love Squad, a brand aimed at helping people live more fulfilling, healthier lives. She brings an energy to her fitness content that is simultaneously motivating, fun and unmatched.

Jacqueline Yates

One look at Yates’ feed and you’ll immediately think of sunshine. The “Good Morning America” style and beauty reporter is a wellness enthusiast who offers mini yoga sessions, insights on meditation, fitness inspiration and more. She previously posted the most stunning travel photos that will kick your wanderlust into high gear.

Hannah Bronfman

Bronfman, the founder of HBFit and a global Adidas ambassador, has been inspiring followers for ages with her posts about fitness, beauty, self-care and more. Her book, “Do What Feels Good,” details her wellness journey and how she came to create an incredible community of people with one common goal of feeling good in their bodies.

Marquise Hitchcock

Hitchcock is a conditioning coach and choreographer whose remarkable flexibility and poses will leave you as breathless as one of his fitness classes. The energy he brings will motivate you to put in the work toward your health goals, and have a blast while doing it.

Christyna Johnson

Dismantling diet culture means confronting the “rules” about food and fitness you’ve learned in the past and examining why you believe them. And Johnson, a registered dietitian nutritionist, shows followers how to do just that. Her wisdom on weight, eating disorder recovery, body shaming and more will encourage you to have a better relationship with food.

Chase Tucker

Be prepared to feel invigorated when you follow Tucker, both on Instagram and in a Peloton running class, where he’s an instructor. Tucker brings encouragement, fire and education to his work that people can’t get enough of (and can learn something from).

Candre Mandy

Mandy is an all-star athlete who helps others find their own athletic talent as an instructor at Rumble. In addition to teaching people how to throw a solid uppercut in a boxing class, he is a biker, a runner and a former collegiate diver (just to name a few).

Dana Oliver

Oliver, a former HuffPost editor, is a tour-de-force when it comes to wellness. The beauty director and blogger at Beauty for Breakfast covers everything from self-care to skin care to nail care to hair care ... and the list goes on. And while each topic may seem separate, Oliver knows ― and proves ― that every single one is connected when it comes to how you feel on the inside.

Kira West

West is a wellness influencer whose mission is to make wellness more inclusive for everyone. She offers advice on self-care, fitness and more. She’s also a huge traveler, and shares must-see places in the different cities she visits. On top of that, her workout wardrobe is so enviable, it will inspire you to revamp your own.

Jeff Blue

Blue’s motivating motto “on purpose, with purpose” is just a sample of the inspiration you can expect from the fitness trainer, who has worked with clients at studios in New York City and on his own. Blue’s infectious personality will keep you smiling, whether it’s in one of his workouts or his posts.

Taylor Altamonte

Almonte is a force of a trainer who encourages her followers to find the workout that makes them happy and motivated. The Rumble boxing instructor teaches each class with an unrivaled tenacity that will have you feeling motivated to take on anything that comes your way once it’s over.

Chelsea Roberts

If you’re looking for some creativity and light in your life, Roberts’ resume speaks for itself. She’s a meditation and yoga instructor for Peloton, the founder of the Yoga, Literature and Art Camp at Spelman College, a global ambassador for Lululemon and more. Her classes ― and her feed ― are all about establishing a connection with yourself and with others.


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