Why We Need More Diverse Faces On Every Magazine Staff

"You're not going to see the type of diversity... when you don't have that diversity reflected on the staff at these publications."

 At least eight magazines feature black women on their covers this September, which is a major move considering the September issue is the industry's most highly-anticipated release.

While this is a step in the right the direction, some argue that the push for more diversity on the magazine's covers should also be one reflected among the publication's staff. 

Julee Wilson, HuffPost Style senior fashion editor, joined HuffPost Live on Monday to discuss the work she said the fashion world still needs to do. 

"It starts with the people making the decisions there, [there] have to be people behind the scenes, there have to be editors--black editors, there have to be black casting directors, black fashion directors and there just aren't," Wilson told HuffPost Live host Zerlina Maxwell.

Wilson uses the Allure Magazine "You, Yes You, Can Have An Afro" article as a an example of the problems that arise from a homogenous staff of white decision makers.

Morgan Jenkins, an editorial assistant at Catapult magazine, goes so far to call the article "a slap in the face" and points to the content both inside magazines and on their social media platforms as a representation of the lacking cultural diversity.

"Either there are no black people in the staff room to say hey this is a problem or he or she is not comfortable speaking up because they're afraid of being fired," Jenkins said. 

Nina Garcia, the creative director at Marie Claire appeared on HuffPost Live last week and echoed similar statements about the disparity of African Americans in the fashion industry.

"There's not enough African American girls on the runway and that is a huge problem," Garcia said. "There's not enough African American girls on the covers, but that is changing and really the change has started." 

While the world of fashion is making slow progress to include minorities in representation there's still much to be done to fully address issues of race and inequality in the industry.

"You're not going to see the type of diversity that reflects what diversity we see amongst us in the world when you don't have that diversity reflected on the staff at these publications," Wilson said.

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