15 Comments You Should Never Say To A Woman With Natural Hair

When we stopped using chemical relaxers and flat irons to straighten our natural hair, we felt great that our tresses were finally getting the chance to breathe.

But we didn't expect that wearing our curls would result in the many unsolicited comments and opinions thrown our way. If we're not getting the third degree on why we made the decision to get "the big chop," we're constantly ducking for cover from hands. Seriously, who said you could pet our hair?

So for those of you who know where we are coming from, or for those in need of the course "Black Hair Etiquette 101," here are 15 things women with natural hair do not want to hear.*

1. "Is THAT how you're going outside?"

2. "I think you'd look cute with a press and curl."

3. "Do you want to look like a boy?"

4. "You won't get a boyfriend/girlfriend looking like that!"

5. "Are you mixed with something?"

6. "Can I touch?"

7. "How do you sleep with all of that hair?"

8. "But you looked so pretty before."

9. "Natural ain't for everybody."

10. "It's SO short!"

11. "Did you get a haircut?"

12. "How hard is it to comb your hair?"

13. "I'm surprised you can do so many styles with that hair."

14. "You only wash once a week? Without shampoo?!"

15. "Does it feel like a Brillo pad?"

*By no means does this list represent ALL women with natural hair, as we're sure every person's experiences are just as unique as their hair.

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