Black Women Rally Together To Save Edges In This Hilarious PSA

Make our edges great again.

A new hilarious viral video is helping to bring awareness to "what is so very precious in [the black] community: Our edges."

In the one-minute clip above, posted by Centric TV, black celebrity women including Jordin Sparks, Tatiana Ali, Jazmine Sullivan, Tinashe, and Eva Marcille somberly share stats on the state of black women's edges today.

“One out of three black women will face dwindling edges in their lifetime,” the stars declare. 

There are, of course, many ways to lose one's edges (the hair around the hairline), from wearing braids too tight to listening to the latest Beyoncé

album. But the video insists that awareness and prevention is the key:

“Save them for our sisters, mothers, aunties, daughters" actress Tatiana Ali pleads in the clip. "Save them for the babies … baby hairs.”

For more info on how to save your edges, check out

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