BlackBerry Users Threaten To Boycott Netflix Because Netflix Refuses To Make A BlackBerry App

Netflix has apparently angered a whole bunch of businessmen and government workers. A BlackBerry user posted a call to boycott Netflix in a forum on the popular "CrackBerry" site last Wednesday, because the streaming-video site has not made an app for BlackBerry.

Attention All Netflix Blackberry Users: Boycott Netflix, Cancel All Subscriptions, Home and Mobile

That's right all and when asked why are you cancelling, make damn sure you tell them cause Netflix will not be on Blackberry Devices.


I cancelled 3 Netflix Accounts and a 2 More will be cancelled at my parents place and a 1 more at my brothers place.

This is BS and the CEO or whatever Hastings is a DAMN *****.

There are about 1,000 replies on the thread, though not much buzz on Twitter. This sounds ridiculous at first glance, but remember that as of March BlackBerry had 76 million subscribers worldwide. Netflix has half that with 36 million subscribers, though that's likely comparing apples and oranges. Netflix user base likely mirrors the general population: A majority of smartphone owners have Androids followed closely by iPhones. Consequently, Netflix has Android and iOS apps.

What's probably more upsetting is that Netflix has already made an app for Windows Phone 8, the mobile platform Microsoft launched just last year. Windows only recently overtook BlackBerry for third place in smartphone sales globally.

A good deal of BlackBerry owners use their phones for work and have separate smartphones for their personal use, so it makes some sense that Netflix might not feel the need to invest resources in a BlackBerry app. That said, maybe BlackBerry users need two phones because nobody is making fun apps for them. Either way, it doesn't look like Netflix will be making an app for BlackBerry anytime soon.

BlackBerry users may not be missing out on much. The Netflix app only has 3 out of 5 stars on Apple's App Store, though it averaged 4.1 among Android users.



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