Steven Spielberg Joins DC Universe For 'Blackhawk' Film

"Blackhawk" is based on a 1940s comic about Nazi-fighting pilots.

Steven Spielberg is directing his attention toward the DC Universe.

The “Ready Player One” director has agreed to produce and possibly direct a movie based on the World War II-era character “Blackhawk” for Warner Brothers.

The series debuted in 1941, according to The Hollywood Reporter, but isn’t well known to today’s audiences. Still, it fits in Spielberg’s World War II wheelhouse, since it’s about an international squadron of Nazi-fighting pilots led by a man named Blackhawk.

There is no release date for “Blackhawk” but “Jurassic Park” screenwriter David Koepp will write the script, according to

Warner Brothers has not made it clear whether “Blackhawk” will interact with Superman or Wonder Woman in the DC Universe.

In the meantime, Spielberg has other projects in the pipeline, including “Indiana Jones 5” and “West Side Story,” according to Variety.

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