This Close-Up Video Of Pore Strip Removing Blackheads Is Disgustingly Mesmerizing

So gross. So satisfying.

Warning: This video will make you deeply uncomfortable, and you will also probably watch it on a loop for the next three hours.

Nauseatingly beautiful videos of blemish extractions have emerged as something of a trend on YouTube, with users posting videos of things like blackhead removal and pimple popping.

But if pimple-popping is too grotesque for you, consider this video from July, recently re-popularized on Reddit. It shows a pore strip removing blackheads from a user’s nose in a tamer but equally disgusting way: from way up close.

Blackhead after blackhead is ripped from the skin in the slow-motion video, leaving the pores empty in their absence.

If you can stand to watch stomach churning video in its entirety, the rest of KeanaTankentai’s page is a wealth of in-your-face pimple pandemonium, too.

We have a lot of feelings, but we’ll let Winona Ryder handle this one for us instead.

H/T Bustle