BLACKLIGHT POWER: Energy From Water Now Commercially Viable?

BlackLight Power (stock symbol BLP) announced that its Houdini-like energy plan has found a buyer.

BlackLight Power Inc. today announced its first commercial license agreement with Estacado Energy Services, Inc. in New Mexico, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roosevelt County Electric Cooperative, (Estacado). In a non-exclusive agreement, BLP has licensed Estacado to use the BlackLight Process and certain BLP energy technology for the production of thermal or electric power. Estacado may produce gross thermal power up to a maximum continuous capacity of 250 MW or convert this thermal power to corresponding electricity.

Earth2Tech writes that the new BlackLight Power deal doesn't prove much except a willingness out there to take risks. Of course, that's encouraging in and of itself.

The licensing agreement is definitely not a game-changing coup for the startup, but it demonstrates that there are utilities out there willing to take a chance on an experimental technology. BlackLight says Estacado will use its technology in a non-exclusive license to produce a maximum continuous thermal power up to 250 MW. Other than that, very little is explained in BlackLight's press release, including when the fuel cell technology would be implemented or the cost of the deal, and we're waiting to hear back from BlackLight and Roosevelt on the details.


BlackLight Power, a company that has endured skepticism of some very smart people for a very long time, has claimed for years that it made a breakthrough in finding a "new" kind of energy.

Imagine being able to convert water into a boundless source of cheap energy. That's what BlackLight Power, a 25-employee firm in Cranbury, N.J., says it can do. The only problem: Most scientists say that company's technology violates the basic laws of physics.

Such skepticism doesn't daunt Dr. Randell Mills, a Harvard-trained physician and founder of BlackLight, who recently claimed that he has created a working fuel cell using the world's most pervasive element: the hydrogen found in water.

"This is no longer an academic argument," Mills, 50, insists. "It's proven technology, and we're going to commercialize it as quickly as possible."

The New York Times covered BlackLight's energy claim earlier this year:

Ask nearly any physicist if it's possible for a hydrogen atom to enter a lower energy state than the ground, or resting state they hold in nature, and you're likely to get an unequivocal "no".


To a regular person, of course, disputes between physicists are worse than boring. But Blacklight's claims have a special significance: If they're true, there's a source of cheap, clean energy that can be easily tapped anywhere in the world. And rather than attempt to convince the world with calculations, Blacklight is now saying that it has physical proof of its energy generator, verified by an independent university lab.


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