BlackVoices Preach!: Why Does God Allow Children To Get Hurt?

BlackVoices Preach!: Why Does God Let Children Get Hurt?

Why does God allow children to get hurt and brutally killed? Alisha Gordon shares her pain and horror at the recent discovery of the body of Jorelys Rivera, a missing child, and how the news drove her to question God.

Rev. James Ellis, III says he recently discovered that life is more like driving a golf cart than a box of chocolates. Rev. Maragaret Aymer takes a moment to take on Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council -- and what Aymer says is his poor interpretation of scripture. "Perkins asserted, first, that Jesus meant this parable to be a positive example for his followers; and second, that the parable demonstrates that Jesus supported unrestricted, free-market capitalism. He was wrong."

And finally, in a slight detour, photographer Randy Fox explores the haunting beauty of the storefront churches of America's Rust Belt. Many were abandoned or are on the verge of collapse, in some of the most economically marginalized parts of our country, but still serve an excellent reminder of how faith can bring us together in the worst of times.

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