Blackwater Switches To Less Aggressive Logo

In the private security business that has made Blackwater USA virtually a household name, being tough is part of the game. Not just for its rifle-carrying contractors but also for its corporate logo.
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Blackwater's new, less threatening logo.

Well, not anymore. The well-armed men remain, but the company's roughneck logo -- a bear's paw print in a red crosshairs, under lettering that looks to have been ripped from a fifth of Jim Beam -- has undergone a publicity-conscious, corporate scrubbing.

The company said the decision to update its logo was made long before Sept. 16, the day a Blackwater team guarding a State Department convoy in Baghdad fatally shot 17 Iraqis near a bustling traffic circle. But the new logo did not appear on Blackwater's Web site (, until after the incident, a Blackwater spokeswoman said.

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