Blagojevich Colorado-Bound? Rod Requests Prison Outside Of Denver, Away From Family

Blagojevich Likely Heading To Colorado Prison

After receiving a 14-year prison sentence, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has made some bizarre moves.

Not only did his attorneys ask a judge if Blagojevich could be placed in a drug abuse program when he begins his sentence, but they also requested that he be placed at a low-security prison in Littleton, Colo., near Denver.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Blagojevich's legal team did not explain why their client requested the Colorado facility, but former Blagojevich attorney Sam Adam Jr. gave the paper a few hints.

"My understanding is that it has fewer fighting outbreaks and gang problems," Adam told the Tribune. "And since this is not going to be a camp, you have to consider who goes there."

Blagojevich's family reportedly will not move to Colorado, but the facility is near a Denver airport.

Blagojevich is scheduled to report to prison March 15. Judge James Zagel on Tuesday gave Blagojevich an extra month before his sentence starts so he could help his family move into a new home.

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