Blagojevich Profanity-Laced Conversations Reenacted On "Rachel Maddow"

Everybody's been reading over the obscenity-strewn transcribed conversations of Rod Blagojevich and realizing that he's the most profane, David Mamet-like politician since Tom Tancredo bellowed, "This hurts me? Hurt me like this all day long. Hurt me. Hurt me. That kind of shit doesn't hurt me." So to drive the point home in a funny way, here's a clip from the Rachel Maddow Show professing to be an Enhanced History Re-Enactment Event, that features strings of Blago blather shouted aloud by people attempting the sort of Chicagoland dialect that was best left for Mike Royko's "Slats Grobnik" to voice. Anyway, LOTS OF SWEARING. And, over time, the dialect sort of migrates, settling into something of a "Sarah Palin." Make of that what you will!