Blagojevich Scandal Celebrated In Song: 'Dey Know (Blago)'

As we've documented, the Rod Blagojevich scandal has been such an amazing source of creative inspiration. So we're excited that Spencer Ackerman, of Firedoglake/The Washington Independent -- who last week wondered just where Blago fit in the Pantheon of Gangster -- has joined the fray, by answering his own question. Riding aloft Shawty Lo's "Dey Know" beat, we bring you Blago Del Fuego, with guest rhymes from Vitamin, as they give Blago the hip-hop treatment he deserves. Writes Ackerman: "Yes, that's right, not only is Blago up on the latest rap feuds, he's finding time in his busy schedule to call out Common and Yeezy." Goin' worldwide!