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Blake Griffin At Funny Or Die Makes For Some Pretty Hilarious Videos (NSFW)


Blake Griffin is the LA Clipper's 2010 Rookie of the Year and this year's slam dunk champ, but don't think this guy is a one-trick-pony. Now you can add the titles "director," "writer," and "actor" to his growing list of accomplishments.

The NBA star has been a busy bee this summer at the comedy site Funny or Die, where he interned during the NBA lockout. The first of Griffin's comedy shorts have just been released, and they're dark, twisted and a little bizarre. In this video, Griffin stars as the hapless victim against a Chucky-esque puppet -- lil Blake -- who looks exactly like him. Another one shows Griffin being bullied by other Funny or Die staffers that are probably about half as tall as him.

Then there's this Hitchcock and Lucas-inspired short film written and directed by Griffin. (Warning: this video contains some NSFW language)

Now we know that Funny Or Die interns don't just fetch coffee and make copies.

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