Blake Griffin Dunks Over Pau Gasol: Clippers Star Slams In Amazing Putback Against Lakers (VIDEO)

Another game, another flurry of monster dunks by Blake Griffin. The supporting actor in Blake's latest highlight reel: Pau Gasol.

The hotly anticipated game between the Lakers and Clippers had barely gotten started on Wednesday night, when Griffin worked the Staples Center crowd -- and everyone on Twitter -- into frenzy with a high-flying putback slam over the Lakers' power forward.

Clippers guard Randy Foye was left wide open in the left corner as his teammate, Chris Paul, attacked the hoop from the right. Paul dished to Foye, who hoisted up the long jumper. Lurking outside of the paint when the shot went up, Griffin purposefully made his way into the lane as if he knew just how this was going to turn out. Foye's shot clanged high off the iron and Griffin soared after it. Leaping over Gasol, who had better position, Griffin caught the ball with two hands and threw it down with such authority that he might have just earned a seat in the Spanish parliament.

The dunk lifted everyone on the Clippers bench out of their seats and sent Gasol crashing down beneath the basket.

"Poor Pau," the announcer said.

Although the Lakers would take a 63-55 lead into the second half, Gasol would continue to struggle with the explosiveness of Griffin. With the Clippers fighting to keep pace with the Lakers in the third quarter, Griffin authored another epic dunk.

However, the Lakers got the last laugh and went on to win 113-108 to move two and a half games ahead of the Clippers in the Pacific Division.

Reminiscent of his gravity-defying throw downs over Timofey Mozgov and Kendrick Perkins, this dunk may have been even more impressive than the putback. Or, it could have been an offensive foul. Either way, Griffin once again sent Twitter and the Staples Center into hysterics.