Blake Lively Shares Adorable Video Of Daughter Calling Jimmy Fallon 'Dada'

"It sort of messed up my home life."

Fake shark attack survivor Blake Lively has a Jimmy Fallon-sized problem at home. 

“The Shallows” actress visited “The Tonight Show” on Friday to help promote her new Woody Allen flick “Cafe Society.” Remember? She thinks he’s “empowering” to women. To spice up the segment, Lively came armed with the Jimmy Fallon cutout he gifted her the last time she was in the studio.

One-dimensional Fallon proved to be a hit at home with both Lively’s husband, actor Ryan Reynolds, and 18-month-old daughter, James. But it’s her daughter who began to refer to the cutout as “dada,” a situation Lively joked “messed up my home life a bit.”

The actress then shared a home video as evidence of the child’s misidentification. The footage shows Lively’s daughter approaching the cutout in awe before giving Fallon a sweet kiss.

“I hope Ryan [Reynolds] isn’t watching tonight,” the late-night host quipped after the video. 

“I think I should do a paternity test,” she joked. “Right here, live on air.”

Watch the clip above. 



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