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Blake Lively, Pumpkin Hail A Cab (PHOTOS)

Blake Lively was spotted in NYC trying to hail a cab cradling something orange. No, not Snooki: Blake was toting a pumpkin.

Looking fall chic in black skinnies, a black jacket, a black hat and a black quilted bag (notice a trend?), Lively attempted to score a cab in New York yesterday while toting a jolly-looking pumpkin in her arms.

We're also digging Blake's black and white speckled wedges.

Do you think Blake is going to carve the pumpkin herself? Turn it into a hair accessory? Bake a pumpkin pie for rumored new boyfriend Ryan Reynolds? Chuck it at new ex Leo DiCaprio? Regardless of what she does, let's hope we get photos.

A (semi)related video: