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Blake Lively Rocked A Delightful Fake Lob And You Can, Too

It's actually pretty easy to achieve.

Blake Lively wears everything from glorified bathrobes to intricate feathery gowns to $40 Old Navy jeans with ease, usually with her signature flowing golden hair.

But the actress switched it up for a screening of her new film “All I See Is You” in Los Angeles Tuesday. She wore a white Ralph & Russo skirted suit with flower appliqués ― a look we’re putting on our ongoing bridal dream list ― with a bold red lip and a seriously convincing, side-parted fake lob.

Faux and fabulous. 
Faux and fabulous. 

The lob was definitely just an illusion, as Lively was spotted a day later at the airport with her long locks intact.

Bye, bye, long bob. 
Bye, bye, long bob. 

Celebrity hairstylist Rod Ortega was responsible for this chic transformation, and told HuffPost his inspiration came from the old Hollywood beauties to whom Lively is often compared.

“I’m very into classic cinema, I have a whole library of books and films,” he said. “My saying is ‘What’s old is new again.’ I forgot about a Greta Garbo documentary that I have, so I recently watched it and it was so beautiful. It broke down the beauty looks, which really captured me, so this was a modern-day version of that.”

Ortega, who also styles the likes of Amal Clooney and Eva Mendes, broke down the exact steps he used to get Lively red carpet ready.

1. Starting with wet hair, I blow-dried using the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer and an Ibiza paddle brush for a smooth finish with some body, and created a side part.

2. Next, I took a two-inch section, right at the nape of the neck, and created a braid. I then took the braid and shaped it horizontally against the nape of the neck, pinning with bobby pins until it was completely secure. This pinned braid will be used as the “pin cushion” in which I anchor the rest of the hair. [Editor’s note: GENIUS.]

3. After the braid
was complete, I used the T3 Voluminous Curls (1.5″) Barrel from the T3 Convertible collection to create some body and texture in the hair. I used a bigger-sized barrel because I didn’t want it to be too curly, but also not too straight. I took two-inch sections and curled the hair, [securing it in sections to her head] as I went.

4. Once all the hair was [curled], I let it cool and spritzed with L’Oreal Elnett hairspray.

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5. Once completely cool, I unpinned the hair and let the curls fall, and brushed them out with the Ibiza paddle brush.

6. To create the "tuck," I split the hair into three sections. The first section I worked with was the back of the head (from ear to ear). I then rolled the hair up from the bottom and used hair pins to anchor the rolled hair into the braided "pin cushion." This large back section gives the tuck width, so the sides can blend easily.

7. Next, I rolled up the two sides and pinned back to the back braided "pin cushion" at the nape of the neck. Once all of the hair was very securely pinned I used my fingers to shape it, pull some pieces out a bit and create a blended, seamless look.

Welp, we guess we know what our Friday night plans are going to look like.

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