Blake Lively Riverdances, Swipes Jimmy Fallon's Butt (VIDEO)

Blake Lively visited Jimmy Fallon Monday night to address some of the Internet rumors swirling about her. Turns out, most of them are true.

She does tend to break into riverdance jigs, and demonstrated despite initial protests about her dress being too short. And she can recite 'Waiting for Guffman' by heart.

When they got to the last rumor, Blake had to clarify what 'credit card swiping' her friends meant.

"Like in the butt," she said. "Nobody does that here?" Fallon was still confused, so she suggested a reenactment.

"My dress is too short!" Fallon cried before bending over in submission.

"Like Julianne Moore in 'Pippa,'" Blake said, referencing her upcoming S&M themed movie, as she gave him a swipe.


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