Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Made A Cute Surprise Cameo On 'SNL'

Or as host Melissa McCarthy called them, "The Livelys."

In honor of Mother’s Day, Melissa McCarthy paid tribute to moms during her monologue on “Saturday Night Live” last night. 

After giving a little shout out to her daughters and her own mother, the actress told all the moms in the crowd to stand up. 

“Let’s give these ladies a hand!” she said, before joking, “Every single one of these ladies who stood up have not been to the bathroom alone since they gave birth, they haven’t had a hot meal in years, all of our purses are filled with old cracker crumbs and dirty Purell bottles, and that’s OK.” 

Then, the actress pulled one lucky mom from the crowd ― who, it turns out, is mother to the show’s co-head writer Sarah Schneider ― for a special backstage tour. Chris Kelly, the show’s other co-head writer shared a photo of McCarthy and Schneider’s mom, Joan, on Instagram, writing “she had no idea this was going to happen” in his caption. 

LOOK AT THIS!! It's @sarahdschneider's mom in the monologue! And she had no idea this was going to happen. ❤️❤️❤️

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During Joan Schneider’s special tour of Studio 8H, she and McCarthy picked up some props (ketchup and foot cream) and pet the hallway llama (an “SNL” legend, apparently) before they were met by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

“Oh my god! Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively! What are you guys doing here?” McCarthy asked, to which Reynolds deadpanned, “You invited us.” 

“Are you going to get us seats?” said Lively, as McCarthy tried to cover up the fact she didn’t remember telling them to stop by.

McCarthy nodded along, telling “The Livelys” their backstage spot was the best, before admitting to Joan Schneider she “may have been drinking when she invited them.” 

The “Spy” actress and Joan Schneider then each took a shot before McCarthy sent Joan onto the stage to “host” the show. It was all pretty adorable. 

Watch the full video above. 



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