Blake Lively's Naughty Reaction To Ryan Reynolds' Detective Pikachu Is So Them

Leave it to those two to put some sizzle into Pokémon.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds keep winning at the banter.

Lively on Wednesday wrote a ribald comment about a reel of “Pokémon Detective Pikachu” characters posted by Reynolds on Instagram. “Footage of my ACTUAL audition,” Reynolds captioned the promo, which included a look at Detective Pikachu, whom he voices in the upcoming movie.

To which Lively responded: “Is it wrong to say I’d tap that?? 😬🥰.”

“This is easily the best fan-fiction I’ve ever read,” Reynolds answered.

Here’s the clip. It’s family friendly, but that’s not gonna stop those two from spicing up social media.

May their legendary trolling of one another go on forever.

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