Why I'm Speaking at Willow Creek Church

In light of recent events, I think it is important that I clarify TOMS' position with regard to my speaking engagements in advance of my upcoming appearance at Willow Creek Church.

In short, speaking opportunities like these enable us to convey our passion about giving to groups with different backgrounds and beliefs. Frankly, I believe it's my job to communicate the purpose and benefits of the TOMS mission. After all, the more people understand our One for One commitment, the more they are likely to support giving in their own businesses and, ultimately, the more people in need around the world will benefit from this sustainable giving business model.

As I have stated previously, when we decide to accept an invitation to a speaking engagement, we do so because we think the audience will be responsive to the story of the TOMS approach to giving, and we hope to engage more people in our effort. But our acceptance of that invitation should not be read as an endorsement of the sponsoring organization or of its views. Our only purpose is to help those in need through an innovative business model.

At TOMS, we are grateful to bring together people from all walks of life and to celebrate our collective goal of giving. This is the vision upon which I founded TOMS, and it is the mission I continue to be committed to each and every day.