Blake Shelton: Westboro Baptist Church Gets A New Commandment: 'Blow Me' (VIDEO)

Blake Shelton's got a new commandment for the Westboro Baptist Church -- "Blow me."

The hate 'church' targeted him a few weeks ago, threatening to picket his Kansas City concert, but The Voice judge didn't let them bully him, getting into a Twitter battle to shut them up. WBC attacked Shelton over his divorce and support of gay rights, as well as many other issues.

As Shelton tipsily emerged from Usher's birthday bash at Bootsy Bellows nightclub in West Hollywood, TMZ asked him, "I'm wondering how you feel about the Westboro Baptist Church threatening to picket your concert in Kansas City," in a video posted by TMZ.

Shelton smiled and said, "Westboro Baptist can blow me. Yeah, really, they can. Can you quote me on that?" as the videographer laughed.

"They can blow me. I think that's one of the commandments," he continued.

It isn't the first time he's dismissed them with that language, tweeting in September:

Point to Shelton.



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