Why Do We Continually Blame Women For The Transgressions Of Men?

We need to examine why our society conjures excuses for men's dastardly behavior.
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Harvey Weinstein is the latest man who has been caught in a sex scandal, allegedly using his power to abuse and harass women. Weinstein, a film producer, joins the likes of Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump and others who have been accused of sexual harassment. But instead of analyzing how these men had been able to reportedly abuse women without repercussions for decades, the media wants to know why Hillary Clinton hasn’t commented.

I felt like I was in an episode of “The Twilight Zone” reading major publications and tweets from mainstream pundits like CNN’ s Chris Cillizza who wants to know why Clinton wasn’t speaking out. Since the election, these same people who said Hillary should go away quietly are now wondering why she hasn’t come forward about allegations against Harvey Weinstein. They want her to shut up except when they don’t.

Harvey Weinstein is a pig. The allegations against him are disgusting. Full stop. There aren’t a bunch of Democrats claiming otherwise or making excuses that it was just “locker room” talk. But this is some new level hypocrisy on part of the Republicans who are clutching their pearls about Weinstein when they just elected a man who said he liked to grab women by the p***y and walk in on teenage beauty pageants contestants while they are dressing. So many Fox News stars have been accused of sexual harassment that I assumed something was in the water at Fox headquarters. Fox News has paid millions to accusers, and yet they are pretending that Weinstein’s offensive behavior is something they’ve never seen before. Even Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted about it which, demonstrates lack of self-awareness is genetic and incurable.

I’m not here to defend Weinstein. Again, the allegations against him are atrocious. What I’m trying to understand is what the hell does Hillary have to do with any of this? She’s not running for office. She’s not married to Weinstein. Why all of a sudden does the media who wanted her to shut up when she was on her book tour now want to tie this anchor around her neck?

“The 'boys will be boys' mentality not only applies to boys but men who are in their freaking 70s."”

First, Hillary was blamed for Bill Clinton’s affairs by both sides; the people who thought she didn’t do enough to keep her husband and the people who thought she stayed in her marriage too long and should have left him. Then, James Comey put the dagger in her campaign by tying Hillary to Anthony Weiner’s sexting teenage girls. And now, this.

Bill Clinton was the one who committed the affairs but he is more popular than ever. Bill O’Reilly still has a platform. And Donald Trump actually got elected even with the “Access Hollywood” tape. The “boys will be boys” mentality not only applies to boys but men who are in their freaking 70s.

Ever since Eve was blamed for “tempting” Adam, women have been blamed for the vile stuff men do. It’s a tradition as old as time, blaming women and wondering what the women did to make the man do [insert behavior here]. So I shouldn’t be surprised at the calls for Hillary, of all people, to speak out. It is still infuriating.

Hopefully, Hillary will just brush off this latest attack and carry on with her book tour. Despite what Chris, Fox News and Donald Trump, Jr. say, Hillary doesn’t have to answer for associating with Weinstein. And if people are outraged over Weinstein but voted for Donald Trump, they can just shut up and take a seat. Clearly, they aren’t worth responding to anyway.

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