Here's How To Stylishly Pull Off Wearing A Giant Blanket Scarf

Scarves you can take a nap in? Don't mind if we do.

If your scarf can't double as a snuggie, then you're doing it wrong. Fall is the season to be cozy, and what says cozy better than a scarf-turned-blanket?

While oversized scarves might seem scary to style (how do you wear it without looking like you're literally wearing your bedroom blanket?), we have a few simple tips and tricks to help you on your way. Check out a few stylish ladies on Instagram who are rocking oversized scarves and then shop some of our favorites below.

Wear it over your shoulders like a cape.

Belt it to get a more polished look.

Go monochromatic to add sophistication to any ensemble.

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Toss it around your neck for a more classic look.

Or when in doubt, you can literally just wrap yourself in it like a snuggie.

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