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17 Gorgeous Fireplaces That Will Give You All The Warm And Fuzzies

In the words of literally every Game of Thrones character, "Winter is coming."

Winter is a magical, sparkling season. But let's be honest; Jack Frost nipping at your nose can get pretty annoying. On a brisk winter day, there's nothing better than snuggling up by a roaring fire.

We've rounded up 17 cozy rooms with fireplaces that are totally hibernation-worthy. Let these blazing hot fires warm you up through the screen!

The White Company via Domino
Brittany Ambridge via Domino
Ryan McVay via Getty Images
jacek_kadaj via Getty Images
Spaces Images via Getty Images
Belgard via Domino
Johner Images via Getty Images
James Waddell via Domino
Jonny Valiant via Domino
Thomas Northcut via Getty Images
Brittany Ambridge via Domino
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