The Bleachers Telethon 'Thank You Very Much' Is REALLY Weird And We Love It

Bleachers' most excellent debut "Strange Desire" dropped on Tuesday, and as if that wasn't enough, Jack Antonoff and friends have supplied us with a hilarious pseudo-telethon-music-video hybrid, titled "Thank You Very Much." Without so much as a word, the half-hour show aired across 20 cable access channels in the U.S., giving viewers the impression that they had joined them in the final minutes of a 24-hour telethon.

So, what happens in the video? Well besides a few recorded performances from the band's debut, we have no idea. The video opens with some dancing mouse-man, followed by a number of other random guests -- George Wendt, Alia Shawkat, Mark Borchardt and Steve Little among those who make an appearance -- as Antonoff raises money for some reason that is never revealed. It's really weird and confusing, but they all say "thank you" a lot and that makes us smile.

TL;DR: Greatest album promotion ever.



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