Blended Family Issue: I'm A Nutrition Coach And My Fiance Feeds His Children Junk

If you're a single parent marrying a fellow single parent, it's incredibly important that you discuss your parenting styles with your future spouse before your wedding day.

But what do you do when you and your fiancé can't seem to agree on something as basic as what you'll feed the kids?

That's the dilemma one of our readers brought to us earlier this week on our Facebook page. The reader, a nutrition coach and a mother of four, is about to marry a single dad with two kids of his own. The only problem? While she's very particular about what she feeds her kids, he "gives his Pop-Tarts and Oreos."

The engaged mom says she's "very stressed about giving up some control [on] these things." So what can she do? Click through the slideshow below for our Facebook followers' advice on blending this blended family's diet plan, then head to the comments and weigh in with your tips.

Blended Family's Healthy Eating Problem

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