Bless You, John!

Every member of the Democratic caucus and every Republican of integrity should be sitting (in) with Congressman Lewis demanding action on gun control legislation.

John Lewis has been my congressman for decades ... and my hero for even longer.

We had the privilege of recording a conversation with Mr. Lewis in 1998. He has been steadfast and courageous in his commitment to justice for all.

It was John Lewis who introduced us to the West African saying:

When you pray move your feet.

By which Mr. Lewis means that change requires action. Today, again, John Lewis has taken action.

Sometimes we have to make people do what's right.

We're gonna pray, we're gonna walk, we're gonna sit, we're gonna act until America's congress does what the American people want. Bless you, John!

° ° °
[You might want to listen to our 54 minute conversation with Mr. Lewis. Yes, it's a bit long ... and this sit-in may go on for awhile. What he said almost exactly 18 years ago remains right on today. This is 3 minutes of excerpts from that conversation.]