Blessing in Disguise

The following story was written by King George III.

First of all, what is a blessing? God's favor and protection. That is the definition I found, but I want to break this down more. Who do you ask for favors and why do you choose them? Maybe you ask your mom before you dad because she is more giving, or maybe dad doesn't have as much to give. So if mom gives you everything you ask for then you are blessed by God because you have everything you wanted. But did this actually come from "God"? Yes but since we can't see the flesh of God it is injected in a physical form. Since everyone has the ability to bless someone simply by saying yes to someone in need of God then we can be considered a blessing in disguise. . Though not all blessings come with disguises I managed to find a family that provided me with countless blessings and endless opportunities.

There were two brothers I knew from school and we became close enough to be considered family. It was like perfect team chemistry, identical identity when it came to personality traits with the ability to bring the best person out of each other. That's how it is supposed to be when you have a bond that is real. The day I met the mother of the family she made me feel as if I was one of her kids, she was very caring, compassionate, giving, and may have been the nicest woman I've ever met in my life. She was so concerned about my level of comfort, I started to instantly feel at home. This was only a few years ago but over time life took me on another journey so we didn't have bonding time like before when me and her son's Andy and Billy used to hang out and play basketball all the time, before Andy went off to college to spend his freshman year at the University of North Carolina, we made plenty great memories every time we linked up. It was just a blessing to have such great individuals in my life.

Alright now before I fast forward to this past year (2015) I would like to explain the "God's protection" part from the definition of 'Blessing'. Most of us know how to pray but everyone has their own way of doing so. Me personally, I think we shouldn't ask for anything that we can get without prayer, but we should instead ask for protection, & I am not talking about a gun or condoms. I'm talking about safety & guidance, that way we are guided in the right direction.Being in a committed relationship may have been the biggest challenge I overcame in my life thus far. It totally changed my outlook on things, I learned so much that I feel like it is no way I can make a mistake twice anymore. If I was to explain the knowledge I gained within that time frame then this would be a five page article, but im not going to because it isn't about me, it's about the things that helped me become a better me.

Coming into the year 2015 I was almost at my breaking point because of the relationship I was in. Eventually something told me it wasn't meant to be, so I had to get a move on. I knew not to move too fast because I gained a lot of pain & anguish, not to mention a couple warrants on my back that I happen to get while in a relationship, even though they weren't relationship related I wouldn't have one if I wasn't in a relationship. They didn't catch up to me though until one day I decided to go shopping with my brother on his birthday, one of my best friends' got pulled over after we left the outlets and we all happened to be together that day. I knew something bad was bound to happen, I just had a gut feeling, but I also knew there was a way out of it. First name that came to mind was Kathy, so I told my brother to give her a call to let her know what was going on. I think she on a business trip that day and out of the U.S. but I was so lucky. She called her oldest son Billy and had him come get me from the police station. I was so relieved when I saw my bro Billy come in to get me, simply because I knew he believed in me enough to know that I wasn't going to go back to any police station. Unless I was going to see somebody I know.

That day was a blessing in disguise to me because I didn't see any of that coming. After Billy picked me up it was another surprise in store for me. He decided to take me food shopping and got me everything I wanted. Im not sure if Kathy was in his ear but things started to get better for me from there. Kathy offered me a job opportunity at the Royce warehouse which is ran and owned by the Bauer family, I couldn't wait to start but before that Kathy went out of her way to buy me a pair of glasses which I've needed for the past years. She did so much for me that a thousand words can't explain how thankful I am, my own parents couldn't even match that. I haven't depended on them ever since I started working so I wouldn't expect much from them. Im thankful enough they gave me life, but I'm very grateful for Kathy because she helped change my life. When I was at an all time low she gave me hope and that turned everything around.

I met a lot of great genuine people through Kathy such as her husband Harold, and I also connected with a lot of great people through him also. Before I knew them I had very few options but now I'm an opportunist with endless opportunities. I didn't get to mention Kathy found me a dentist who showed great interest in fixing my teeth. Now I have no cavities or broken teeth, along with this Million dollar smile. My dentist is also a member of the Bauer family and seemed to have similar intentions for me as Kathy. I only left the state of New Jersey one time last year and guess where I went. NYC to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Bauer family, I was very delighted to be invited to spend my Thanksgiving with the Bauer's. It felt great getting out of the state and to meet new faces that were just as nice as the Bauer's I've known for a few years, though it feels like forever to me. Kathy and the Bauer family are truly a blessing in the skies, I honor and love their lives as much as I do mines.


-- King George III

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