Blind Announcer Calls Minor League Baseball Game On The Radio

Many of us take our sight for granted, but imagine that you’re blind. What would you do? What would you think you could do? Well, for 23 year old Bryce Weller of Peoria, IL, being sightless hasn’t stopped him from being close to sports. Blind since birth, Weller has not seen a baseball game or any of the sports he has grown to love.

Weller said, “Being blind is not too fun. But I am determined not to let it stop me from what I want to do. I love basketball. I love baseball. Love sports.”

Bryce’s desire to work in sports is so great, he majored in sports management at the University of Evansville and will be going to graduate school to study sports administration at Western Illinois University.

While at Evansville, he served as the manager for the basketball and learned to shoot free throws to the point where he can shoot 70%.

Weller occasionally calls Peoria Chiefs baseball games in the Midwest League and was in the booth last week for the first time since May. He shocked his partner, play-by-play man Nathan Baliva during an interview, as he interrupted it to call one pitch which was a strike. Weller said he could hear the umpire’s call.

He has also joined the St. Louis Cardinals radio broadcast for five games and Bryce calls Mike Shannon and John Rooney close friends.

Weller says he wants to work in sports to inspire people and it’s safe to say he already has. He’s a candidate to get a microchip implant so perhaps one day he’ll be able to see. Weller wants to work for any organization that will have him and he would be an asset for any team that will employ him.



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