Blind Cat Goes Hiking, Is Adorable Example Of How To Live

Go for a contemplative hike at Mason Lake in Washington with Honey Bee, a blind cat who communes with nature in her own way.

"Honey Bee: Blind Cat Hiking" isn't full of goofy pet hijinks or anything; it's just a sweet look at a cool kitty taking in some beautiful country.

Honey Bee was adopted by her owners through Animals Fiji, according to the YouTube video, above, which was posted last week. The clip asks others to consider adopting a special-needs pet. According to the ASPCA, most blind cats "can adapt very well with their other senses."

Looks like Honey Bee is doing just fine.

But her humans did offer this "disclaimer" on Facebook about taking your feline out on a leash:

Good thing Honey Bee isn't "most cats."