Legally Blind Man Gets Racist Note For Using Parking Spot For The Disabled

Man With Disability Gets Racist Note For Using Handicapped Spot

A legally blind man in Maryland who was a passenger in a car that had been legally parked in a spot reserved for the disabled says he found a racist note on the vehicle on Sunday.

“My fiancé and I were running errands in Silver Springs and parked in a handicap parking space and we displayed my handicap placard,” D'Anthony White, 30, told Jet. “When we returned to our car, we found the note on the windshield.”

(WARNING: The text and image below contain explicit language.)

"The only thing handicap on you is your brain you LAZY niggers," said the note, which White posted on Facebook:

We went shopping today and parked in a handicapped space – made sure to display my placard. When we return to the car...

Posted by D'Anthony White on Sunday, May 31, 2015

White told the local Fox station that he does not use a cane or wear sunglasses, so his disability may not be immediately visible.

"From a distance, I'm a tall, healthy-looking, strong guy so people don't think 'disabled,'" he told the station.

He wrote on Facebook that he has had problems before with people who don't believe he is disabled because he doesn't suffer from an immediately visible condition.

"Once, a bartender refused to serve me because he assumed I was holding on to James' shoulder because I was wasted," he wrote. "I had to tell him it was because I had a vision impairment and couldn't see in the dark bar."

White said he tries not to let it get to him.

"I try not to let any of the ignorance bother me too much -- then they've won," he wrote. "I keep going because it definitely beats the alternative! And, this bigot won't get me down either!"

The Invisible Disabilities Association has more information on coping with conditions that are not immediately visible.

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