This Blind Runner Is Going To Keep Breaking Records Because 'It Doesn't Feel Good To Give Up'

Amelia Dickerson isn't afraid of what she can't see. She triumphs in it.

Last Saturday, Dickerson completed Denver's Colfax marathon, turning in a respectable time just a hair over three and a half hours, according to CBS Denver.

In August, she ran a record-breaking 5k. And in November 2013, she completed the New York City Marathon.

Those are respectable accomplishments in their own right -- significantly more so after you realize Dickerson has been blind since age 14, when a car accident robbed her of her sight. "I'm pretty tenacious," a relentlessly optimistic Dickerson said in an interview before the NYC Marathon. "It doesn't feel good to give up."

Dickerson runs in collaboration with Lending Sight and Achilles International Colorado -- two groups that support impaired athletes in their pursuits.

Of course, Dickerson is far from the only visually impaired runner out there inspiring others. Earlier this month, MLive featured an article on 15-year-old Michigan runner Austin Keeler, a blind middle schooler who's determined compete just like everyone else.

What gives Keeler the courage to sprint down the track?

"I just get brave and do it," he says, "and I never quit."



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