Blind-ish Item: Which Big-Name Media Critic Is Sniffing Around The TVNewser Spot?

Blind-ish Item: Which Big-Name Media Critic Is Sniffing Around The TVNewser Spot?

Today, Gawker pokes a little fun at Mediabistro's ad for the newly-available TVNewser position, which suggests that someone from the Wall Street Journal might consider jumping into the spot formerly held by a 21-year old blogger. But it's actually not so farfetched — ETP has learned from a reliable source that at least one major media columnist is in initial discussions with Mediabistro head Laurel Touby about the position (and by "major media columnist" we mean "regularly linked by Romenesko and seen on Reliable Sources"). It's not so farfetched — TVNewser is an incredible platform, one that Stelter virtually owned (sorry, Inside Cable News, we like you lots) and not just any blogger can waltz in there and take over — but the right person could really make a splash. Besides, everyone knows that the web is where it's at — there have been more surprising migrations from old to new media (the Politico guys, Kit Seelye, etc.). And as Gawker points out, Stelter's non-compete might well provide the new person with a head start — though as one who once worked for MB under a similar contract, I can surmise that there is room for flexibility (Brian, call me!) (er, just kidding, Laurel). In any case, this is a wild-card spot and should be interesting to see how things proceed. But, you heard it here first - at least one!

Update: At least...more! Touby responded promptly to our query about possible replacements for TVNewser, saying the applications were "pouring in" and that she expected over 150 candidates. Per Touby, the candidates include:

  • a famous TV columnist with umpteen years of experience (that, incidentally, is to whom we were blindly referring above)
  • an executive producer at MSNBC
  • a business reporter at a major business web site
  • the blogger for
  • a film executive (former TV guy)
  • a senior producer at CBS
  • one of MB's other bloggers
  • a former senior broadcast producer at ESPN: Cold Pizza
  • a former managing editor of Cablevision

There you go — the TVNewser race, heating on up!

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