The Bling Ring Marks the Return of Jennifer Grey

Have you been wondering what Jennifer Grey has been doing since winning Dancing With the Stars a couple of years ago?

Her popularity was so high at that time you expected her to be starring in a new movie musical or a TV series, but she disappeared from sight. Now she has popped up in a Lifetime movie titled The Bling Ring where she is not the star but merely a supporting player. What a disappointment!

The Bling Ring is an original movie based on a true story. Remember a few years ago reading and hearing about robberies taking place in Hollywood. Celebrities' houses were being broken into by a teenage gang.

Turns out the gang was just a group of spoiled Hollywood kids who thought they were entitled to get what they wanted. They also had an obsession about celebrity and thought even publicity about criminal activity was better than no publicity at all.

The focus in this movie is on Zack Garvey (Austin Butler) and Natalie Kim (Yin Chang). Both are students at an alternative school in California. Garvey is a shy kid desperate for friends. Kim is attracted to him because his father works at a Hollywood studio, even though it is only in payroll.

Together these two get involved in robbing houses, starting with Paris Hilton's. They do it for the thrills, the money and the access to celebrity. They were completely amoral in regards to their acts being a crime. They justified it with the fact some of the stars left their doors unlocked. How dumb is that!

Grey plays Iris, Garvey's mother. As such her scenes are limited to "how have I failed you" and "what can I do to help?" There isn't a lot of acting ability required and Grey doesn't offer much. Butler and Chang are the stars and they do deliver a sure portrait of the characters to whom they are assigned.

The show holds some fascination for an audience since it is based on a true story, and the facts are intriguing ones. The acting is okay with the kids being the stars and older actors such as Grey, Scott Klase and Tom Irwin providing support.

At least we now know that Jennifer Grey is alive and well and keeping her hand in the acting pool. Maybe next time the role will be better suited to her talents and worthy of her status.

The Bling Ring premieres Wednesday, September 26 at 9PM on Lifetime.