Bliss in the Sunshine State

What I love most about this particular resort is the architecture... although located in Boca Raton, one might feel as if they were visiting coastal Spain, with palm trees and wild flora and fauna abound.
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Our Kickstarter campaign ended on a high note, as we marked the last day by exceeding our $25,000 funding goal. We finished in the last hours with $26,555 raised.

Blood sweat and tears sent us into exhaustion. Fortunately, both my business partner and I have children and so we had no other choice but to suck it up and enjoy spring break.

It could not have happened at a better time, as our bodies were void of any sort of relaxation, exercise or nutrition, after four weeks of being held captive to our Mac Books!

Ironically, we both booked trips to Boca Raton, Florida... the energy of the world doesn't want us too far apart from each other at this very important juncture in our lives :)

And yes, we could not resist fitting in a little work while there. With sandals being a way of life down south, we made sure to seek out our A-list choice of boutiques for Soak.

Our first stop being Alene Too. Although we didn't need to venture too far, as they happen to have an outpost at the resort we were staying at... The Boca Raton Resort and Spa.

But enough about work!

We could not have picked a better spot for a family trip.

A short 2.5 hour flight and paradise was immediately found. Since my focus is on supporting American-made, I often opt for vacations domestically, to further support my cause.

What I love most about this particular resort is the architecture... although located in Boca Raton, one might feel as if they were visiting coastal Spain, with palm trees and wild flora and fauna abound.

We played tennis, swam, hit balls at the golf range, and I took some time to indulge in their award winning spa. We dined at a different location on the property most, every night. I had little desire to go any further than a short stroll away.

Fortunately, every restaurant at the resort is equivalent to what we expect in NYC. Our favorite meal, at Blue, had us discovering a fabulous after diner wine... a select late harvest botrytis sauvignon blanc by Lusa & Lewellend Vineyards out of Los Alamos Valley, Cali.

I tend to prefer California wines overall, perhaps its subconscious in my commitment, to all things Made in USA.

The highlight of our stay was family beach time in the evening, with the most glorious weather by day and tepid temperatures by dusk.

We did venture one night into South Beach, where we spent a magical evening taking our children down memory lane as we walked them through our engagement evening.

Almost 12 years ago, my husband proposed on the beach followed by an unforgettable night at the Delano. As we tried to locate the exact spot that we solidified our forever commitment to each other, we were consumed with how much South Beach had changed since then. And venturing into the hotel quickly reminded us of how our lives have morphed, since those days in which we spent many long carefree nights of wining and dining, falling deeper in love.

With two little ones in tow, we savored a short and quick drink as we watched our kids explore the pool area. We reminisced and sat in great content with the profound awareness of the one thing that has stayed the same and continues to grow... our love for each other, with the addition of these two, taxing at times, yet infinite love inducing children.

Oh and I can't forget my "mom's gone wild" moment at the resort's simulated surf exhibition, the FlowRider. One morning after my son declared he was eager to try his hand at surfing, my daughter quickly followed suit.

However, "not without you, mom" she stated. And so, I haphazardly agreed. What ensued, after a short wait on line, was a very candid snapshot of an entrepreneur/wife and mother of two, doing her best to let go and have some fun.

Not once, but twice I was thrusted around into 360 mode, a trick every child was challenging their self to achieve and mine was just an accidental mishap. For a good laugh... check out the footage here:

And how can I not mention, just the pure "soak"ing in of sunshine! Vitamin D replenishment achieved. One of many afternoons, indulging in this pastime, I was serendipitously positioned right next to a very influential blogger and we became fast friends.

This is what I love about my job... I am doing something I am passionate about. I naturally talk about fashion because it's a part of my being. How nice is it, to be able to strike up a casual conversation and have it affect more than your personal life without even trying?! I am blessed to have a dream job that albeit very challenging, speaks to my heart and soul. Thank you to my husband for believing in me and supporting me in making my dreams come true.

Fond memories were created on this very needed break and now back to reality. Vacation for now, I bid you Adieu! Thank you for replenishing my tank.

Resort 2015 market here we come!