Blitzer Probes Condi Rice's Love Life

The mystery of Condoleezza Rice's sex life never grows old. CNN's ever probing anchor Wolf Blitzer interviewed Elisabeth Bumiller, the author of the new Condi biography "Condoleezza Rice: An American Life" today on the situation room. Amid questions about how Condi has shaped the face of our great American predicament, aka the Iraq war, Blitzer couldn't help asking for some dirt on Condi's life behind closed doors.

Sure enough Bumiller delivered. She dished on Condi's strong taste for football players (we always knew she wanted to be Football Commissioner). Both Bumiller and Blitzer concurred that Condi is still seeing Gene Washington, a former NFL player and now the league's Director of Football Operations. Condi's relationship with Washington is nothing new. She brought him to White House last year for Queen Elizabeth II's state dinner. Condi has always insisted they are "just friends." But Bumiller suggested that relationship might go beyond the friendly kind. According to Bumiller, Washington visits Condi "on the weekends" and has gone to Camp David for Thanksgiving.

Watch the video from CNN: