New York

Blizzard Mystery: Todd Bieber Still Searching For Owner Of Found Footage (VIDEO)

Filmmaker Todd Bieber found an undeveloped roll of film in the snow on December 30th, 2010, after the mega-blizzard hit NYC. So he did what any curious New Yorker would do -- develop it, study the pictures, and make a Youtube video describing his search for the owners of the film.

Many news outlets were entranced by the whimsical idea behind the story -- a man appeals to the internet to return lost items, and uses vague clues to get there ("They've got this Europe look to them," he said in the video).

After the first video got over a million views, Bieber was inundated with responses from all around the world, providing input, ideas, theories (the men in the photo have Polish jaw lines, or 'Turkey-ish' -- or their backpacks indicate they helm from France!) no clear answers. One man offered him a beer, one woman offered him a place on her couch, another said she would pray for him. Finally, enough material came in for a new video (BELOW).

The response to his inquiry has been overwhelmingly positive, and is an interesting case study in how such bizarre viral culture can unite people all around the globe (your move, kittens).

If you have an info on the owner of the footage, email Bieber at