BLM Demonstrators Hug It Out With Counter-Protest Group In Dallas

"This is how you kick down the walls."

A video of a protest rally in Dallas, Texas has gone viral. The reason? It shows Black Lives Matter extending an olive branch to Anti-Black Lives Matter protestors in a moment of peace. 

In the video, posted by Atlanta’s WSB-TV on Monday, mostly white counter-protestors showed up to disrupt a Black Lives Matter rally. “You got the ‘Black Lives Matter’ and stuff. We all matter, hell!” said Chris Rice, one of the counter-protestors.

The Black Lives Matter demonstrators initiated a truce, ultimately deciding to join the counter-protestors on the other side of the street. What happened next was a rare but inspiring sight: Black Lives Matter supporters and anti-Black Lives Matter demonstrators embracing each other. 

“This is how you kick down the walls,” one Black Lives Matter protestor said during the moment. 

“Today, we’re going to show the rest of the country how we came together,” said one of the counter-protestors. 

The video, above, has now been viewed over 900,000 on Facebook. There’s no indication of whether the counter-protestors actually changed their minds about the Black Lives Matter movement after the truce between the protestors. Hopefully, the demonstrators in the video can take a moment of peace and expand it into actual, productive dialogue about how we can work together to deal with police brutality. It’s not much, but in the struggle for peace and understanding, a hug is a good place to start.

Watch the full WSB-TV segment above. 



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