Blockbuster New Poll: Al Gore Would Win The New Hampshire Primary

In a new poll released by WHDH and Suffolk
University in New Hampshire, Al Gore would
defeat Hillary and all the others and win the
New Hampshire primary.

Soon, this will be major political talk. It takes
the pundits a couple of days to catch up, but
this is a very big deal.

There may be a surge in Iraq, but there is a
bigger surge of grassroots Democrats to Al
Gore. It will only escalate with the July 7
world-wide global warming concert that will
reach 2 billion people on 7 continents.

Never before have the times and the leader
come together as perfectly as Al Gore in
2008. The man, the moment, the mission
and the magic. The leadership, the vision,
the courage and the idealism.

A blockbuster poll now shows Al Gore winning
the New Hampshire primary and this is a major
moment in Campaign 2008.