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"I don't/ know what to sing. I am the others. I hope/the others are me. Like the trees/I don't know what to sing./no nightingales on my finger."

-Eduardo Chirinos (April 4, 1960–February 17, 2016).

"I didn't work off the grid. Or prime the surface/If I could get off without it. I made/simple music/out of sticks and string. On side B of me, experimental guitar, night repairs, and suppers/such as this./You could count on me to make a bad situation/worse like putting liquid makeup over/a passion mark."

-C.D. Wright (January 6, 1949–January 12, 2016)

I am grieving the loss of these two brilliant visionary poets, mentors, and friends. Let their poetry and lives guide me through everything they supported and believed in. Both of them offered me light, strength, and wisdom over the years. The loss of them, their spirit, their being is unbearable to poetry and to everyone they taught and loved.

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