Bloggers Fail to Convince Their Mothers They Met with Obama

One day after a group of liberal bloggers met with President Barack Obama to discuss influencing the national debate on health care, many of the writers who met with the president are still having trouble convincing their moms that the meeting actually took place.

"Yesterday I told my mom that I was going to meet Obama and she was like, 'Yeah, tell me another one,'" said Tracy Klugian, 34, who has been writing the liberal blog since he dropped out of graduate school in 2003. "I think she thought I was just going to see Harry Potter again."

Mr. Klugian said he found his mother's incredulous reaction "hurtful, IMO" because "I would NEVER get out of my pajamas and leave the basement unless it was for something REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT," explaining that he often speaks in capital letters for emphasis.

He and the others assembled at the White House brought up a number of health care concerns particularly worrisome to bloggers, including an alarming uptick in carpal tunnel syndrome and vision loss due to poor lighting. More here.